Narir Khomotayon

Women Empowerment

This initiative has been taken with an aim to create opportunity of women participation at all level and to remove all sorts of discrimination against women. National Women Development Policy-2011 has been formulated in order to ensure the overall development of women. Starting from the plain field of agriculture to the highest peak of the Himalayas, Bangladesh women have shown their feat everywhere. Our garment industries are mainly depended on women workforce and Bangladesh is now the second largest exporter of readymade garments in the world.



  • Prime Minister's Programmes on women empowerment have strengthened women's social status.
  • Organizations like Woman Rehabilitation Board, JatiyaMohila Sangstha (National Women Organization), Department of Women have been setup to expedite women empowerment and ensure women education.
  • Women Entrepreneurship Development Projects have been taken and Women Hostels have also been built to create self employment opportunity for the women.
  • Anti-repression law for women has been enacted in 2015.
  • Economically and socially deprived women are being provided with interest free micro credits and awareness creating training on various issues including education, health, nutrition and mother and child care through 12,956 rural maternity healthcare centres all over the country.
  • Maternity leave with salary has been increased to 6 months from 4 months.
  • As many as 40 ministries have been brought under gender sensitive budgeting in order to ensure women participation in government activities.
  • Educated but unemployed 13,432 women have been trained under district based woman computer training project.
  • 2,250 urban poor, helpless and low-income women were trained in the financial year 2016-17.
  • With a view to creating job and increasing income through woman skill development 1.9 million women have been trained so far.
  • To minimize dependency, create job opportunity and increase income through economic solvency about 110 million taka loan have been disbursed.
  • To increase women's capacity self-employment opportunities have been created with investment of 1.54 billion taka.


Future Planning

  • Literacy rate of women between 20 and 24 years will have be increased to 100%.
  • Increase the share of female officers in the public sector to 25% by 2020.
  • 82 million women would be trained for empowerment them in fiscal 2017-18.
  • BDT 62.55 billion would be disbursed from the rolling fund of BDT 257.5 million among 53,803 and disadvantageous women under Micro Credit programme for their self-employment in the fiscal 2107-18.
  • Training would be provided for 45 thousand city-based poor, helpless and low-income women to improve their skill under Urban based Marginal Women Development Project (second phase) in the fiscal 2017-18.
  • Ensure woman participation meaningful in DisasterManagement
  • By next five years 28,070 women would be trained to create self-employment.
  • Initiatives have been taken to train 56,100 more women by June 2020 for their development empowerment.
  • Making the rural women independent through IGO based training and post training assistance.
  • Motivate the rural women to participate in local and national elections by creating leadership among them.
  • Ownership based capital create opportunity for women to form through savings.
  • Provide loan assistance to the women involved in productive activities.