Samajik Nirapotta Karmasuchi

Social Safety Net Programme

Ensuring socio-economic security of incapable and aged people proving social safety to widowed and husband deserted women and creating awareness among rural poor women about health, education, nutrition etc are the main objectives of social safety net programme. Insolvent disabled people have already been brought under monthly allowance scheme for socio-economic development. Moreover, landless and distressed families are getting financial assistance under this programme.


  • Government has taken up 128 social safety net programmes for disadvantaged, incapable and destitute people of the society.
  • 340 billion has been allocated in fiscal year 2016-17 to implement these programmes.
  • Nearly 2.5 million helpless aged people are being provided with an allowance of Tk.400 each per month.
  • About 1 million widowed and estranged women are receiving Tk.400 each per month.
  • 55 thousand acres of agricultural land has been distributed among 20 thousand landless families.
  • A 40 day income generating programme has been introduced for the day labourers during lean period of employment.
  • Moreover different kinds of other programme have been undertaken for the livelihood improvement of orphans, disabled, third gender (hermaphrodite), Dalit and Bede community of the society.


 Future Planning

  • Raising the allotment of social safety net programmes to 2.3% of GDP by 2020.
  • For women self-employment 1500 distressed and helpless women would be provided 15 million taka loan per fiscal year under micro credit programme.