Ekti Bari Ekti Khamar and Palli Sanchoy Bank

One House One Farm and Rural Saving Bank

The project One House One Farm has turned into a revolution today in terms of changing the poor villagers’   socio economic condition having its theme ‘One House One Farm is the dream of changing my life.’ The vision of the project is poverty eradication and sustainable development through found mobilization and farming. The project got the new title ‘Rural Savings Bank’ from July 2016. The project beneficiaries own 49% capital of this Bank.



  • Under the project 40,214 Gram UnnayanSamity (Village Development Organization-VDO) have been formed.
  • Number of beneficiary families of the VDOs is 2,190,072. 
  • 20 million people are the direct beneficiaries of the project.
  • Annual family income escalation is TK. 10.921.
  • Number of low income family of the project area has reduced to 3% from 15%.
  • Number of higher income families has risen to 31% from 23% in the project area. 


Future Planning:

  • With a view to slashing down the poverty rate to 18.6% from 24.8% and absolute poverty to 8% action is taken.
  • Covering 10 millionfamilies of below poverty level by the project and eradicate poverty completely by 2021. A roadmap has already been prepared to this end.
  • Derelict and state owned leased pond, ditch and canals would be re-excavated and brought under duck rearing& fish cultivation.
  • Adjoining low lad of educational institutions would be filled with mud and brought under vegetable/ fruit tree/ medicinal tree cultivation.
  • Provide training on making the household disaster resilient.