Sikkha Sahayata Karmasuchi

Education Assistance Programme

Bangabandhu gave topmost priority to education. Under his Initiative 36,165 primary schools became nationalized in the war-trodden Bangladesh and 157,724 teachers got government status at that time. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also took special initiative of implementing education assistance programme. Students throughout the country are the direct beneficiary of this programme.

Some of the objectives of this programme are:ensuring 100% attendance of school going children in the schools, distribution of book free of cost at secondary level, creating opportunity for the girls students to study without cost, providing scholarship for female students at all levels, introducing IT based education system and ensuring multimedia and internet connections at the class rooms.



  • Literacy rate in the country rose to 72% from 44% in the last 6 years.
  • In the last 6 years 1.59 billion books have been distributed free of cost among the secondary level students.
  • 2 million books have been distributed free of cost among the students this year.
  • 22 million students from class one to degree level received scholarship and education allowances.
  • Distribution of Braille books for visually disabled students has been started since 2015.
  • In the last 6 years 26,193 primary schools have been nationalized.
  • Services of 120 thousand teachers have been nationalized.
  • 3,172 computer labs have been setup in various educational institutions all over the country.
  • Online version of the text books i.e. the e-content of the text books has been prepared.
  • More than 10.7 million students are given stipend in FY 2016-2017.
  • 82455 students of class five are given scholarship at talent pool and general quota.


Future Planning

  • Achieving 100% net enrollment rate for primary and secondary education.
  • Ensuring quality education at primary, secondary and higher levels.
  • Prevent dropout rate provide nutrition and increase interest among at primary school and ebtedayee madrasa students by assisting the school feeding programme.