Community Clinic and Manoshik Shasthya

Community Clinic and Mental Health

Community clinic is envisaged to ensure health care for the rural poor people. The main objective of this programme is to ensure the primary health care for the people in general. Community clinic services include all sorts of maternity service, reproductive health and family planning service, birth and death registration along with the registration of newly married couple and pregnant women, assistance for women and children regarding food and nutrition, counseling on various health problems and referring patients with complicated health issues to sub-district and District level health centres.



  • With a view to reaching healthcare service at the doorstep of people, community clinics have been setup for every 6000 persons in rural areas.
  • Free healthcare service is being rendered to the under-privileged poor people through 16,000 community clinics throughout the country.
  • 30 categories of medicine are being provided free of cost by clinics for the treatment of common diseases.


Future Planning

  • Reduce the child mortality rate from 41 to 37 per thousand while reduce maternal mortality from 194 to 105 per one hundred thousand
  • Increase the immunization rate for the children under 12 months to 100%
  • Increase the rate contraceptive used by the couples to 37%
  • By next 3 years provide day-care services to 1350 babies through 15 centres by extending the day-care programme for the women working in garment sector.